Terms & Conditions

Download a PDF version of our Terms and Conditions here

1. Bookings

All bookings are accepted as ‘provisional’ until either the booking form is signed in person, or a letter or email confirming the booking is received by the St Thomas Centre within seven days of the provisional booking being made. All rooms will be set up in accordance with agreed room layouts on the booking form. No changes can be made on the day.

We reserve the right to decline bookings from groups, or to suspend use, if they:

• Have aims and practices that are not consistent with our policies and organisational values
• In their stated beliefs, or by reputation, appear to contravene the Equality Act 2010, or support or uphold other power imbalances that leave some people at risk of harm
• Are behaving in an abusive or disruptive way.

We reserve the right to halt any activities, and refuse entry to or remove any person whose conduct is incompatible with our reputation and core values, including in relation to any:

• Unlawful activity, such as libellous, infringing or discriminatory activity, or any involvement in crime
• Activity which we otherwise deem to be inappropriate, cult-like, unseemly or offensive, especially if not disclosed to and approved by us in advance.

2. Cancellations by you (from and including day of cancellation)

7 working days and less (inclusive) prior to, but not including the function dateFull charge
8 to 14 working days (inclusive) prior to, but not including the function date75% charge
15 to 28 working days (inclusive) prior to, but not including the function date50% charge
29 to 48 working days (inclusive) prior to, but not including the function date25% charge

3. Cancellation by us

St Thomas Centre reserves the right to cancel any bookings due to:

• Non-confirmation of bookings in writing within seven days of the provisional booking being made
• Any reason beyond the Centre’s control; in these circumstances a full refund will be given if payment has already been made

4. Smoking

In line with Government legislation the St Thomas Centre is a NO SMOKING building which also includes e-cigarettes. There is a designated smoking area outside the building and all users are requested not to smoke immediately outside the front doors.

5. Invoices

All invoices should be paid within thirty days after the event.

6. Personal belongings

The Manager, Centre staff or agents are unfortunately unable to accept any responsibility for personal possessions brought into or left on the premises.

7. Public liability and additional charges

All organisations using the Centre are required to have their own public liability insurance. A sum for reasonable clearing up and wear and tear after events is included in the price of hire. However in the event of excessive cleaning or unreasonable damage (particularly deliberate acts such as graffiti or vandalism) additional charges will be made to cover the Centre’s full cost of making good.

8. Bringing own food/refreshments

For organisations providing their own catering the following conditions apply:

a) Safety: No equipment used for cooking is permitted on the premises, this includes: portable gas/electric hobs, fryers, BBQ’s or chafing dishes with ignitable fuel.
b) Use of Kitchen: The St Thomas Centre kitchen cannot be used to prepare or reheat food before serving.
c) Equipment: No crockery, cutlery or napkins will be provided for use with external catering unless prior arrangement has been made to hire this from St Thomas Centre.
d) Service: Event organisers are responsible for clearing away all food, plates and any rubbish after food service. If crockery has been hired from St Thomas Centre this will be cleared by centre staff.
e) Cleaning: We reserve the right to charge a £50 cleaning fee if additional cleaning is required.

9. Children on the premises

Minors attending the St Thomas Centre must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times

10. Excessive noise or disturbance

The St Thomas Centre is also a base for office workers and any event that might cause a disturbance to those workers for any reason must be notified and specifically agreed beforehand. Failure to do so will result in the event being stopped. This particularly refers to the playing of loud music or creating loud noise.

11. Covid-19 risk assessment

The St Thomas Centre reviews and updates its risk assessment regularly to reflect the latest Government guidance in relation to Covid-19. However, all organisations using the centre are expected to undertake their own risk assessment.