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8 September 2018

*, Anonymous

7 September 2018

Happy with everything

Sam Buah, My Small Jobs

3 August 2018

We have enjoyed hosting our AGM at The St Thomas Centre for the last couple of years. It's a great space with all the facilities we need & the staff are always so helpful! We'll certainly be returning for future AGMs :)

Hannah Birch, Greater Manchester TreeStation

22 June 2018

We are grateful to the great service provided by the St Thomas Centre. From start to finish, our experience was excellent. Your staff are a credit to the organisation and helped the entire process run exceptionally smoothly. Thank you.

*, Tesco

12 June 2018

*, Anonymous

4 April 2018

*, Anonymous

26 March 2018

Thank you to the team for all your various efforts in providing a great venue, it was a lovely space to be in and suited our purposes admirably. Special thanks are due to Dan who was our host on the day.  He was extremely helpful with any and every request that we made, and we really appreciated his attention to keeping the refreshment area clean and tidy and replenishing the crockery – a minor but important job. As we try to move our annual meeting around the country, it is unlikely that we will use you next year, but rest assured we will wish to return at some stage in the future.  And we will certainly recommend you to other interested parties.

*, Anonymous national charity

3 March 2018

Would recommend and always look to support third sector organisations by booking their facilities. The staff are great as are the training rooms and refreshments provided.

Jane, Lancashire Training Solutions

2 March 2018

You give a very good venue - it's accessible and staff supportive. It also gets the best rating for food we've ever had. The only suggestions would be in laying out the coffee/tea if you could site the two urns and coffee tea etc - one to the right and the other to the left, we could have 2 queues - all to the left wasn't efficient as people then went into a single queue and the 2 urns were too close together for there to be the room to separate and manage this separately. This is similar for lunch - if you divided the food into 2 streams with the sweet stuff in the middle and again irns separated, we could get lunch done quicker with 2 queues. Otherwise a couple of people said the chairs were too close together and one person felt pushed against a red board. However overall everyone was very complimentary The only reason for the euipment not excellent is because we were short of one mike BUT you had told us, and one alpel mike's clip kept slipping. But I'd repeat an excelletn venue, fantastic food and very receptive and supportive staff who responded immediately i emailed any queries before the event.

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